1. Your visit to the eye doctor
  2. Baby’s eye exam – is it really necessary?
  3. Strabismus surgery

Your visit to the eye doctor

An initial examination is carried out in our office by a fully trained orthopist. Her task is to obtain your medical history, assess the sharpness of your vision and the positioning of your eyes, and finally to measure the angle of strabismus and to assess your binocular vision. Then every patient is consulted by Beata Kaczmarek, MD, PhD.

It is often necessary to cause the paralysis of accommodation previous to performing the examination. The examination is conducted after 30 minutes of the application of the drops. During the examination, refractive error is assessed and fundoscopic examination is done.

After the use of eye drops which cause the paralysis of accommodation, symptoms such as dilated pupils with no reaction to light, deteriorated vision or photophobia may occur, lasting for four to five hours. Because of the examination and the fact that most of our patients are children, the entire visit might take about 2 hours. We therefore recommend parents to take their child’s favourite toy, a snack, and a drink.

If you have been prescribed glasses, please bring them with you. In case you have undergone strabismus surgery, please bring your discharge card.

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