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Ph.d. Beata Kaczmarek

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Thanks to the cooperation with the Children's Eye Foundation, we have published a series of educational films they created

A review from the Gazeta Wyborcza daily:

Gazeta Wyborcza, Saturday, 16 October 2010.

„Child-friendly Places”

This year’s child-friendly places list holds 81 positions. The “Child-friendly Kraków” certificate and sticker are only for the best.

110 candidates signed up for the campaign, but not all of them passed the test of the parent-and-child jury. We focused on quality, so places which proved to be only seemingly friendly were crossed off the list. We disqualified spots lacking well-equipped children’s play corners, an interesting offer for kids, changing tables or high chairs.

Today we would like to present this year’s laureates. You can safely go to all the following places with a baby even a few months old. At the same time, it is important to know that our certificates are not awarded indefinitely. If you spot any shortcomings, please let us know ( – we will intervene.

Instytut Leczenia Zeza
ul. Twardowskiego 37, Kraków

There is a separate waiting room equipped with colorful child-sized furniture, toys, coloring books, crayons, books, drawing pads, jigsaw puzzles, educational maps, a table and chairs. The interior of the doctor’s office is colorful, the staff do not use white coats. On parents’ request, the staff warms up food for babies. The Institute uses state-of-the-art equipment for examining children (a special parrot-flashlight which makes sounds). In the bathroom you’ll find special steps making it easier for children to use the toilet and sink. There’s a changing table. The doctor’s office can easily be accessed by wheelchairs thanks to a wheelchair ramp. After the test or check-up, children are rewarded with toys and stickers.

„Child-friendly Place” Certificate 2013

Certyfikat 2013

„Child-friendly Place” Certificate 2011

Certyfikat 2011

„Child-friendly Place” Certificate 2010


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