Strabismus Surgery in Adults

Many people are not aware that strabismus surgery can be performed also in the case of adults. Grown-up patients with strabismus are often misinformed (even by ophthalmologists) that an operation is not possible in their case. Fortunately, this is not true. Strabismus surgery is possible in every age, even in the case of adults.

It is frequently the case that adults, whose eyes were successfully “put straight” through surgery, regret that they had not undergone an operation earlier in their lives. They also often tell us how much the treatment changed their lives. They are amazed at how much self-confidence they gained thanks to the change. That is why we would like to make it generally known that strabismus surgery is possible also in the case of adults.

Below you will find five short films in which grown-up patients who had suffered from strabismus tell of how the surgery affected their lives in the most positive ways.

- How did getting rid of your strabismus influence you?
Well, I look normal… I feel normal…
Has anyone noticed the difference?
Definitely, everyone at work. It’s such a significant improvement.

How did the surgery go?
- I never even noticed I went through it. It was great: simple, painless. The first night after the operation I had a slight headache and my eye itched a little. But besides that… no problems at all!

Before, I suffered from advanced strabismus in my left eye. It affected my professional and social life, because meeting new people and conducting even the simplest conversation meant a lot of stress for me. Now, when I can look straight ahead, I think my eyesight has actually improved!

Is it the first time in your life that you can see this way?
Yes. Do you know these pictures in the papers, where you’re supposed to see something?
Those hidden images?
That’s right. I was never able to see anything.
And now you can recognize the concealed images?
Yes, now I can clearly see that the picture is three-dimensional.

Life with strabismus can mean suffering. I was surprised to find that there existed a solution and I feel nearly angry at the thought that perhaps I had waited for surgery longer than I needed to. Surgery didn’t even last an hour; its cost is covered by insurance (jn most cases).

The above films have been obtained thanks to the courtesy of Dr. David Stager Jr. (Plano, Texas, USA). The patients have agreed for the material to be used for educational purposes.

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